1. and further out to sea

  2. Pomona Itinerations

  3. Shape Shifters
    This Friendship Is Sailing ( Maggie Nicols | Odie Ji Ghast | Sam Andreae | David Birchall )

  4. 31
    David Birchall | Dirar Kalash | Hannah Marshall | Kareem Samara | Otto Willberg

  5. 26
    David Birchall | Richard Harrison | Ibukun Sunday

  6. 15
    David Birchall | Fran Comyn

  7. 10
    David Birchall | THF Drenching | Lawrence Dunn | Richard Harrison | Michael Perrett

  8. Stretford Cemetery
    Heterotopic Levitation Band

  9. 7/11/M60/7
    David Birchall | Helen Brealey | Richard Harrison | Alex Pierce | Michael Perrett

    David Birchall | Adam Fairhall | Michael Perrett | Yoni Silver | Otto Willberg

  11. Last Field in Lancashire
    David Birchall & Richard Harrison

  12. Watergrove Part 2

  13. SW Rainpatterns

  14. Swamp Cypress
    Minimum Wage Immanence Unit

  15. The road runs under the lake
    David Birchall || Fran Comyn

  16. Five Domestic Scenes

  17. A February Morning

  18. Deleted Scenes from The University Arms
    Birchall Comyn Fairhall Perrett

    Adam Fairhall David Birchall Michael Perrett

  20. Flood Plain/Ice House/Cobs et al

  21. Deleted Scenes From The Peer Hat
    Birchall Comyn Drenching Fairhall Perrett

  22. Hotspur Nights

  23. Live at Anthony Burgess Foundation

  24. Hotspur 7
    Hotspur 7

  25. Golden Lion (Walden JLL)

  26. Initial Spring Incident (File under Thriller)

  27. Dusk

  28. Elapses

  29. Tongues EP

  30. Live at Islington Mill
    David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Alan Wilkinson

  31. Live at Ftarri
    Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Toshimaru Nakamura/Otto Willberg

  32. Live in Beppu
    Sam Andreae David Birchall Otto Willberg

  33. Plastic Kneecap
    David Birchall Andrew Cheetham Colin Webster Otto Willberg

  34. Light Rail Recordings: Manchester Moscow Tokyo 2015-2017

  35. Hyperpunkt
    Richard Scott's Lightning Ensemble

  36. Slip through the cracks
    David Birchall & Simon Prince

  37. Tell the same story twice
    David Birchall & Dan Bridgwood-Hill

  38. The Difficult Second Album
    Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham

  39. A Hair in the Chimney
    Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Otto Willberg

  40. Drop Out
    David Birchall/Rogier Smal/Colin Webster

  41. Brazil XZ

  42. Soft Vowels

  43. Auslanders
    Richard Scott's Lightning Ensemble + Jon Rose

  44. Some more notes from the big island

  45. Gravity Lacks
    David Birchall & Colin Webster

  46. Dog Days
    David Birchall & Nicolas Dobson

  47. Portal Envelope Village
    Ant Traditions

  48. 60 places I've slept after a gig

  49. Brain Drain
    David Birchall & Anton Hunter

  50. Purrculation

  51. Birchall Reality

  52. Duo
    David Birchall & Rogier Smal

  53. Thai Rice Solos

  54. Leeds Basement Tapes

  55. Acoustic Textures

  56. Beehive Tapes
    David Birchall & Dan Bridgwood-Hill


David Birchall Manchester, UK

I am a musician living in Manchester.

I improvise, compose recordings in the studio and perform recordings outside.

I work with electronics, light, sound and making internet structures accessible with Noise Orchestra.

I'm an MA Researcher at the University of Huddersfield.

I organise performances with Curious Ear and Daylight Edition.
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